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Why Us

With over 15 years of experience in 5 permanent makeup methods, we keep you ahead of the competition.

Natural Eyebrow Makeup at EDIFY

Ongoing Support With 10 Years of Teaching Experience

Our digital permanent makeup program is one of the most elite programs in the nation. EDIFY saw the need to share 15 years of experience with several color lines, products, and 5 methods (including softap, rotary, coil, microblading, & Digital) of permanent makeup techniques.

Coupled with 10 years of teaching experience and ongoing support EDIFY created an elite permanent makeup training program. Our EDIFY ARTIST Private Support Groups and our LEARN & EARN Program keeps artists learning and ahead of the competition.

Why choose EDIFY for Permanent Makeup and Microblading training?

  • Immersion Days
  • Unlimited Repeat Course Policy
  • Utah’s Only Nouveau Contour Partner
  • Nouveau Contour Knowledge
  • Numerous World Pro Artist Techniques
  • Teaches Beyond the Technique to the SCIENCE
  • We use the #1 Globally Rated Digital Devices
  • 3 Students Per Class
  • 15 years experience in 5 methods of permanent makeup

Learn Secrets in Microblading and Permanent Makeup!

EDIFY is a world class leader in permanent makeup and microblading training. Enroll today in our professional taught classes, we want your success!