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EDIFY Permanent Cosmetics Owner

Ashley Hancock

Founder, Master Artist & Instructor

The founder of EDIFY PERMANENT COSMETICS has been in the beauty industry since 1998. Working as a licensed Master Esthetician & Makeup Artist she has spent time in medical facilities, the worlds top spas and was an educator of Esthetics and Permanent Cosmetics for the past 7 years (Softap/Digital/Microblading).

Ashley shifted her focus to solely Permanent Cosmetics in early 2003 and found passion in protecting the industry from poor education. After 10 years of teaching and performing Softap Cosmetics she turned to Vic Black, an award-winning tattoo artist, to teach her how he tattoos eyebrows on an intricate portrait before this was mainstream. Ashley began a motorized feathered 3D, 6D brow over 7 years ago. Mastering Digital machine and Microblading techniques she has continued to thrive.

Starting EDIFY PERMANENT COSMETICS with the goal in mind to teach a versatile curriculum and create an atmosphere where her students can come back as often as needed to gain the confidence has given Ashley her sought out educational reputation.


Spanish Microblading Instructor
Working with permanent cosmetics has been so rewarding! I love makeup & brows.

Being able to give my clients perfect brows has been amazing! It has also allowed me to double my income without doubling my time at my studio. Training at EDIFY has been so rewarding from the support they have given me to the continued education. Even after completing your course they support you through your journey by letting you shadow or by shadowing you. The small classes are also great! I remember when I worked on my first client/model I was so scared but Ashley guided me through the whole thing.

EDIFY Permanent Cosmetics Artist


Office Manager/Student Success Manager
Becoming a permanent makeup artist is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

It has allowed me to do what I am passionate about while earning a great living and at the same time given me so much more time with my daughter/husband that I cherish more than anything! Edify allows all students to come back and continue their education while earning a living. This truly sets Edify apart, Ashley is always so great about assisting and answering any questions that come up. It’s a family at Edify and all of the artists encourage empower and support each other. It’s inspiring to watch and be a part of. I couldn’t be more grateful to have trained at Edify and continue to have a “home” to bring my clients to!

EDIFY Permanent Cosmetics Artist


EDIFY Admissions/Financial Aid Manager
I came across Edify PC & their courses by accident, and so glad I did. 

I had taken several PMU/Microblade courses prior to taking Edify’s course and found they all lacked the same thing. An attention to detail! And honestly, that’s what Edify is all about! With a small class size, lots of individual attention and the opportunity to come back and work on paying clients, I found their Learn & Earn program to be a huge asset. Ashley assisted me in seeing a strength in myself, that I didn’t know was there, or too afraid to face. She guided me, took me under her wing, and as a skill set has jumped to a whole other level. Now, as the Admissions & Financial Aid Coordinator for Edify PC, nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able to see our new students rise to the next level, became financially independent, as well as reach their potential as artists in the creative and exciting world of PMU.

EDIFY Permanent Cosmetics Artist


Social Media Manager/Instructor
The full course at Edify taught me 10 times what other trainings had. 

I am an EDIFY graduate and teach the Specialty Workshop: Social Media offered by EDIFY.

As a single mom of 2 kids, I had the dream of entrepreneurship and financial freedom. I was tired of paying out my hard earned money for strangers to raise my kids while I worked 45 hours per week at a job I didn’t love.

I got my Master Esthetics license and started my own business and finally got to experience a glimpse of that freedom.

Wanting to offer my clients more I took the Full Course at EDIFY, not only did I learn tenfold what other trainings offer but I got genuine ongoing support.

Because of my career in Permanent Makeup I can make in 2 days what I was making in a week at my 9-5.

I love that EDIFY offers a well-rounded curriculum. Not only do our students learn tried and true technique, we also teach them how to value the trade, market themselves and offer continued education as a Nouveau Contour Partner. You can’t put a price on the support EDIFY offers & that is why our success rate is so high. 

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