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"I am so very thankful that I found Ashley! I have taken her full course and have earned income and completed 14 appointments with Ashley right next to me. I have wanted to learn Microblading for quite some time, but anyone who knows me knows I was not happy with taking a 2 or 3-day course with 10+ students with only 1 instructor.

Edify's full course is 5 days including a day of touch ups with only 3 students at a time. Plus, I have already worked side by side with Ashley 2 extra full days and I have 4 more days scheduled to work with her! I have learned Digital and Manual Permanent Cosmetics!! Lips, Eyebrows, and Eyeliner are my new passion!!

Thank you, Ashley, for being such an amazing teacher! You have changed my life for the better!"

~ Jody Page


"If you are considering becoming a permanent cosmetics technician; go to Ashley. She is beyond amazing and I could never express the gratitude I have for her and her love of the industry. With her, you get the best of both worlds.

She is beyond passionate about permanent cosmetics AND gets the continuing education about new knowledge--tips and tricks, tools or please don't do this or you'll be unhappy as a technician.

Which is important in an instructor. She is the epitome of a continually supportive mentor after your have taken her class. Which, how many can you genuinely say that about? She absolutely wants you to succeed to the point that she gives up her free time to help.

I didn't say this til end; but I unfortunately took a permanent cosmetics course from another instructor before Edify, and would never return to her or recommend her.

She NEVER cared about the day I left her class and had multiple questions about the experiences I had with new clients. If you are serious about this.. you will not be disappointed about Ashley or Edify."

~ Reyna Ilada

Master Esthetician/Esthetic Instructor for Cameo College

"I just want to say I just completed the course of Edify under Ashley Hancock I just wanted to say how professional and passionate her staff is and she is always there to help in continuing education she is very accommodating with a really big heart and is very generous she wants her students to succeed and I loved her class it was the first microblading class Iv taken but didn't want to limit myself to just that! I love the Nouveau Countour machine and know it's up to me to continue my education and become the best I can be but it's nice to have support that's one of the many reasons why I chose edify! Permanent cosmetics is a lucrative skill and these guys are very awesome and ide recommend this class to anyone that's interested! Thank you, Ashley and Jenna and Bree! Great experience from great people!"

~ Jenna Coverston

Cosmetologist/Master Esthetician/Permanent Cosmetic Tech.

"I'm very happy I chose to go to Edify. Ashley is very knowledgeable and shares all her experiences. She really wants you to succeed. I'm in love with her place of business as well.

Very clean and a great setup! She helped build my confidence and teach me everything I need to know about microblading. Thank you so much Ashley! I recommend edify hands down for anyone wanting to learn permanent cosmetics from a very knowledgeable source."

~ Hailee Toone

Came to EDIFY for retraining from an inadequate local Utah School

"I attended this school after I had already attended another microblading school. I learned so much more with Ashley! She is professional and knowledgeable with so much experience behind her. I highly recommend her to anyone! She continues to help me when I have questions and concerns."

~ Randi Johnson

Came to EDIFY for retraining from an inadequate local Utah School

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