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Permanent Makeup and Microblading Courses

Learn skills from numerous world professional artists directly through Nouveau Contour. Learn beyond the techniques.

"Not only is the educational experience wonderful, but it never really ends. Edify is set up in a way to help you excel after you're done"

"Best class I have ever taken. I took the full course. Worth every cent and mile I drove to do it"

"This is my second course of permanent makeup. I am learning a lot of new teqniques and knowledge."

"I unfortunately took a permanent cosmetics course from another instructor before I attended Edify…If you are serious you will NOT be disappointed"

"I attended EDIFY after I had already attended another microblading school. I learned so much MORE with Ashley! EDIFY continues to help me when I have questions and concerns."

Microblading Certification at EDIFY
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