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It says something about our education when EDIFY re-trains technicians monthly from less adequate schools. “I learned more in the 1st day at EDIFY then I did through the entire program I attended elsewhere.” Anyone can teach the technique and take your money but learning the SCIENCE is the true investment.

EDIFY has 7 days of Color Theory instead of one small section.  Areola and Removal Courses are not to be taught in 20 minutes of a 5 day course, instead an artist should learn the SCIENCE around how the skin will react.



Full Permanent Cosmetics Itinerary

Day 1: Online Theory
Weekend Before Class – Your Comfy House
Day 2: Welcome to EDIFY/Theory/Practice
Monday – EDIFY Campus
Day 3: Theory & 2 Eyeliner Procedures
Tuesday – EDIFY Campus
Day 4: Theory & 2 Eyebrow Procedures
Wednesday – EDIFY Campus
Day 5: Theory & 2 Lip Procedures
Thursday – EDIFY Campus
Day 6: Immersion Day
Friday – EDIFY Campus
Day 7/8: 6 Touch-up Procedures
Any Friday or the 2nd/4th Sat. 4-6 wks later – EDIFY Campus

” I’ve taken quite a few PC/Microblading courses in the last 4 years, and I have to say the course I took through Edify was top notch…There are a lot of schools out there, so do your research. ”

Course Includes kit that returns $3k – 4k in income (Class starts 1st or 3rd week each month)

  • Global Leading Educational Curriculm (Nouveau Contour)
  • 12 Hands On Procedures
  • Extended Training/Continued Support
  • Private Extended Training Studios Available for Graduates  (LEARN & EARN)
  • Students learn how to approach their own healed procedures

*Note- All Tuition is Non-Refundable within 30 days of your Scheduled Class Start Day until then $1500 is refundable once paid.


WARNING: Considering other schools? Check the value and rating of their machines! EDIFY wants YOU to be superior. Our kit contains the #1 GLOBALLY rated Digital Nouveau Contour Machine ($1400 value)