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Diving Into the Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Do you want to know what is booming in the beauty industry right now? Permanent makeup is convenient, easy to access, and looks amazing! If you are looking to start or grow a career in beauty, you have come to the right place. Here at Edify PC, we have dedicated, experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of micropigmentation. Why is permanent makeup getting so popular? Let’s go through some of the major benefits of permanent makeup that millions of people will attest to.

Top Benefits of Permanent Makeup


So many people love their permanent makeup because of the time it saves them in the morning and at night. Permanent makeup can last 3-5 and sometimes up to 10 years without fading! Imagine being able to skip the eyeliner and eyebrows for years while still looking fabulous. Have kids you need to rush to school in the morning? No problem, wake up looking amazing.


Have your eyes, lips, or skin ever been irritated by a makeup product? For those with sensitive skin, permanent makeup is the way to go. Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin and say hello to a face that is effortlessly beautiful.

Look Great 24/7!

For those who are heavily involved in sports, love the outdoors, or are just lazy when it comes to makeup, your worries are over! Permanent makeup doesn’t wash off and will keep it’s crisp lines and color no matter what activity you’re doing.

Turn Permanent Makeup Into a Career

Are you ready to build a secure career where you can choose your own hours, raise your profits, and do something you’re passionate about? Contact Edify PC today. We have experienced mentors who know how to take cosmetics to the next level and use your career to create a life you love living.

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