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EDIFY is a world class leader in permanent makeup and microblading training. Enroll today in our professional taught classes, we want your success!

Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading Training

3 Student Class Limit

We offer a highly effective digital learning experience by allowing no more than 3 students per class.

Earn Up to $200+ per Hour!

Our permanent makeup artists can choose their own schedule and earn an impressive living.

Utah's Only LEARN & EARN

6 Extended Training Studios with constant support from our friendly staff to help build graduates clientele.


Successful Students

"I am so very thankful that I found Ashley! I have taken her full course and have earned income and completed 14 appointments with Ashley right next to me. I have wanted to learn Microblading for quite some time, but anyone who knows me knows I was not happy with taking a 2 or 3-day course with 10+ students with only 1 instructor. Edify's full course is 5 days including a day of touch ups with only 3 students at a time."

 ~ Jody Page, Cosmetologist 

"I attended this school after I had already attended another microblading school. I learned so much more with Ashely! She is professional and knowledgeable with so much experience behind her. I highly recommend her to anyone! She continues to help me when I have questions and concerns."

~ Randi Johnson

"I'm very happy I chose to go to edify. Ashley is very knowledgeable and shares all her experiences. She really wants you to succeed. I'm in love with her place of business as well.

Very clean and a great setup! She helped build my confidence and teach me everything I need to know about microblading. Thank you so much Ashley! I recommend edify hands down for anyone wanting to learn permanent cosmetics from a very knowledgeable source."

~ Hailee Toone

Online microblading training from home

Single Mom Scholarships!

Let us help you empower your life & your finances.

Learn microblading and permanent makeup skills that go beyond the technique.

  • Establish your career
  • Learn with 1 on 1 support
  • Set your own hours


EDIFY Permanent Cosmetics offers training in eyebrow microblading, eyebrow tattoos, lip color and lip liner, permanent eyeliner, micropigmentation, color theory, color and shape correction, 3D Areola, tattoo removal, brow mapping, symmetry, and much more.

We help students analyze their position in their region and determine market prices for their cosmetic tattoo services. EDIFY wants your success and helps students to set realistic objectives so that they can go home with a complete plan for their permanent cosmetics business.

Take the next step and enroll today in Utah's premier microblading and permanent makeup school!

EDIFY Permanent Makeup Training

DIGITAL PERMANENT COSMETICS: The #1 Choice of Professionals Worldwide

Natural, soft or intense: All is possible with Digital Permanent Cosmetics, no matter the skin type.

Micropigmentation is performed with a refined digital device with 20 needle formations to choose from. The pigment penetrates the skin efficiently, which makes the pigment last longer. Specialized needle formations can create crisp, natural hairstrokes for an amazing result.
Digital Permanent Cosmetic eyebrow procedures range from individual hair strokes for a very natural look to a shaded powder effect. Permanent eyeliner can give natural eyelash enhancement or even create an elegant smokey eye.
Natural lips can get more defined with a basic lip liner whereas full pigmentation gives the lips a luscious 3D effect.

Dermapigmentation procedures can be performed perfectly too: Alopecia, Scar Camouflage, Breast Reconstruction, Cleft Lip Camouflage, Scalp Pigmentation and More!

Learn Digital Permanent Cosmetics here at EDIFY and expand your skill set to beat the competition!



  • Eyebrow hairstroke
  • Eyebrow shading
  • Cheek Blush
  • Lash and Eyeliners
  • Designer, smudgy and dual color eyeliners
  • Lip liner
  • Full lips
  • Soft full lips with contrasting lip line
  • Glossy lips
  • Eyebrows
  • Freckles


  • Areola restoration after breast reconstruction
  • Areola scar camouflage after breast reduction
  • Reconstruction cleft lip
  • Camouflage white pigment spots
  • Camouflage Vitiligo
  • Scar camouflage


Microblading allows for creating crisp, fine lines at optimal depth. It is done using a manual hand tool with a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. Because color is impacted closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine. The results: natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. Fine hairstrokes that fill in thin brows, brows with bald spots, total brow reconstruction and even alopecia.

EDIFY Permanent Cosmetics is top rated because of our in-depth microblading training and permanent makeup training. Learn Microblading, digital permanent makeup methods, or both from expert instructors.

We want your success. Our LEARN & EARN program gives graduates access to our extended training studios for their own paying clients after they've completed their permanent cosmetics training. Earn income while instructors are on hand to help you continue to learn permanent makeup and microblading!

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